About Ole Ole Zakynthos
Family Taverna Ole Ole is located at Aghios Sostis. The restaurant is run by Andreas and Roberto Liveris (father and son) and other family members and friends. Ole Ole is famous thanks to the delicious menu, great ambiance and nice owners and personnel.

Traditional cuisine
Ole Ole Restaurant has a traditional Greek cuisine. Some of our specialities are:
- Gemista
- Stuffed tomatoes and peppers
- Mousakas
- Fish in the oven in Zakynthian sauce
- Bekri meses
- All famous Greek and Zakynthian specialities

Special menu
Ole Ole Zakynthos also serves a special menu for vegetarians, vegans and guests who are on a gluten-free diet.

So don't leave Zakynthos without trying a delicious meal at Ole Ole Restaurant! Take a look at the pictures below for a little preview.

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